Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Script to bind/enable network clients to adapters

I had an issue where there are a bunch of machines which need to join the domain. The problem is that the "Client for Microsoft Networks" was disabled on the image for these machines.

Since there are so many and I am very lazy, I wanted a script to enable the ms_msclient..
but finding none I tried to locate how to do it in the registry..
but finding no way I changed the setting and watched the results in ProcMon..
but finding nothing I went to find a scriptable application to use..

then I found nvspbind ( nvspbind ). Now I can make a script that calls this little command line application ( the "XP" version worked for me -- I don't get the distrobution files on the web page). A BIG thank-you to Keithmanage ( keithmange )!!

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