Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Restore ZIP File/Compressed Folder in XP after WinZIP Removal

I am not sure your opinion of WinZIP but I am done with it (I have
been since Windows XP was launched). The native "Compressed Folder"
functions of Windows XP were just better than WinZIP, even if you
could specify a higher compression with WinZIP Zip files.

No matter your opinion, many users still install WinZIP without buying
it. I am not one to violate license agreements, if you must install
some ZIP tool install 7zip at least, so I have removed a few installs
of WinZIP in my day. WinZIP just happens to burn a bridge on the way
out of the system and not restore the ZIP functionality of XP --
almost like throwing the bird to your boss as you are walked out by
security after getting fired...

To restore the native ZIP file functionality in XP (maybe Vista for
all I know) the following works for me:

1) Open a command prompt and run: REGSVR32 ZIPFLDR.DLL

2) then run: assoc .zip=CompressedFolder

3) you are done!

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