Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Installing Sun Java on Fedora 12 and making it work on Google Chrome

So, Google Chrome on Fedora is great, but getting Java on it is hard.

The problem is that Fedora is that they only have Open Source
installed by default, normally this is cool but not everyone uses
totally open source all the time. Sun Java programmers are some of
those people. I have a big, huge (kinda sick) love for "Flame"
( but it requires

So here is how I got Java to work on my Fedora 12 install:

1) Download Java from Sun..
2) Sun will give you a ".bin" file (yeah, WTF!?!)..
3) Now you have to open a console, change to the directory where you
don downloaded Java...
4) chmod a+x jre-6u18-linux-x64-rpm.bin
5) now you ./jre-6u19-linux-x64-rpm.bin
6) read the EULA and type "yes"

Java is now installed in /usr/java, the trick now is to let Google
Chome know about it.

7) in the console window as su, go to /opt/google/chrome/plugins
8) make a link to the java browser plugin library: ln -s

restart Google Chrome and give it a try!

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