Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Musings...

Yes, I have random thoughts. Sometimes they are not random enough so I have created a random musing tab on the right. You might see it say something insulting, or ridiculous.. or both. It is a JavaScript file I have hosted on my google page creator site http://chris.hillman.googlepages.com/

The issue is that blogger does not let you upload some things. I suppose flash stuff might be the same (I will have to test that). So to fix that you can get a Google Page Creator account (I got one the day they were announced) and upload there.

So, for example my script's URL is http://chris.hillman.googlepages.com/randomtext.js, because my Google page's url is http://chris.hillman.googlepages.com and the file is loaded to the root by default. Then I just specify the URL in a SCRIPT SRC attribute and BOOM! Random text joy.

It is really pretty lame but if you have a .JS file that you want to reference from Blogspot, this is one way to host it for free. Thank you a million Google, you guys ROCK!

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