Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Got my invitation to Google Apps!

I got my invitation to the Google App Engine. So now I am trying to learn JavaScript and going back into Python. I looked into Python for Blender (here) but did not go far.

I wanted to get into Java to help with my understanding of ColdFusion. Java itself is OK but there is way too much buzz-wording going on with Sun. For example, Beans used to mean packaged objects that you could share over the internet. Now Java NetBeans is some kind of IDE for Java development? And don't get me started with Eclipse! The program is great, but a big memory hog because of Java.

So, Google App Engine is Python. I have mixed feelings, python is cool but as a web development language? And it acts like CGI, as in Perl, but only to an extent.

Perl is one language where the better a person is at writing it, the harder the code is to read. A great Perl developer can do more on one line than a C programmer can all day long. It is about equal to ColdFusion, except when you try to read it.

So what are my intentions with App Engine? Well I would like a basic web service that I can use to push data in and out of for this blog. I really don't know what for, but it seems fun right now. It would be easier if there were free LAMP hosts out there, maybe virtualization will bring that around.

I ought to check. Amazon's EC2 is all virtual servers, and so might be Google's app engine. If someone was sitting on a ton of bandwidth and a decent Linux server with XEN, they could host hundreds of LAMP servers on the cheap.

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