Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why are there ads on this site?

Since many readers might not know unless I be forward and mention it, Advertising is the modern way to get paid for content.  I write things, people search for them and find what they are looking for and if enough people find my posts interesting then they visit more often and hopefully see ads that remotely interest them.  When a reader clicks on an ad, I get money.

How much money?  Well in 3 years of blogging with ads, I have made $6.54.  In 3 years of blogging on various topics I have earned enough for a value meal at McDonalds.  I am sure my posts have been more useful than that to someone.

If you find a blog post on any site that helped you please consider doing the following:

- Leave a comment: This will help the blogger know what people are interested in.  They will tailor their blog to your interests.  If you are a blogger as well, they will visit your page as well.

- Read another post: This will give the blogger more page views and also let them know what people are interested in.

- Share a link: Link to their post someplace.  Quote the blogger, tweet the link, post it on Facebook.. people who listen to you will check out the blogger.

- Click an Ad: Does it hurt you to click an ad for something that hopefully interests you?  I am not suggesting you should click on links to what could be spyware, but a safe ad for a good company or product only helps the web.

You are welcome to dislike ads. Remember the days of Tripod and Netzero where popup ads and banners used up precious bandwidth?  I hated those days too.  I won't post ads like that!  But I also would like to host these blogs on my own host and get off of Blogger.  If these blogs can't support themselves then I can not do that.  

So I post this stuff, maybe you like it and maybe you do not.  No matter what, consider the suggestions above and while you are considering click an ad.

I am very glad you visited, thank you!

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